Sometimes, you just need to have your browser or program size be the whole screen, but did you know there are a couple of ways to maximize your window? Today's Tech Tip is going to be short, but can be extremely useful.


Whether you're showing a video from YouTube or just trying to see everything you're working on in your program, a small window can hamper your experience. Below are just a couple of ways you can maximize your app or browser window so you can see more at one time:


The 'Square Box' Method

This is probably the easiest and simplest method to maximize your window. 


All you need to do to manipulate the size of your window is click on the ‘Maximize Screen’ button.



This will enlarge the window to fit the entire screen space of your monitor. If you need to make it smaller again, just click the same button (it will look like a window over a window), and it will shrink back to the original size.


The ‘Double Click’ Method

A slightly quicker method to maximize your screen or window is to ‘Double Click’ on the main title bar of the window or app you wish to maximize.


 All you need to do is click anywhere in the area in the above picture and this should maximize the window or app. You do this again if you wish to return it to the original size.

 I hope this helps you out today, and look out for next weeks’ Tech Tip!