With Windows 10 constantly updating, I'm sure it can be frustrating when they change how something works. This week, I'm here to tell you how to deal with your projection changes, even when you didn't make the change!

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you login to your device and your interactive TV or projector isn't displaying it properly, try following these steps first to see if it fixes the issue:

STEP 1: Find the 'Windows Key'. It's the key that looks like the Microsoft Windows symbol. It also looks like a flag.

STEP 2: Press the 'Windows Key' you found and the letter 'P' at the same time and release. A menu will appear from the right side of your screen.

STEP 3: On this menu, you will see a number of options for displaying your screen. In order to make sure what you see on your TV or projector matches your screen, please click on the 'Duplicate' option. This will mirror your devices screen to your TV or projector.

I hope this solves this increasingly common issue. Thanks!